INIX(HK)Electronic Co.,Ltd

INIX(HK)Electronic Co.,Ltd

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INIX(HK)Electronic co.,Ltd was found in 2011

specialise in below:

1.Semiconductor,such as  Integrated circuits ,RF ,Wireless,Sensors ,Transducers .

2.Passives ,Such as Capacitors ,Crystal ,Oscillators ,Coils ,Chokes,Potentiometers,Variable Resistors ,Resistors,Thermal Management .

3.Electromechanical ,such as Audio ,Fans,Motors ,Solenoids ,Driver ,Relays ,

Connector ,Terminal Block,Precision moulds.

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We continue to provide strict sourcing inspection, customized parts and logistics service to make your purchasing process easy and safe. We provide a complete and cost effective sourcing solution for OEMs, Contract Manufacturers, Service & Repair Organizations, Distributors, R&D Groups and other companies that require electronic components.

We quickly and efficiently find both current and obsolete or hard-to-find parts by utilizing our access to millions of inventory data files from major OEM's and Distributor


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